November 24, 2010

Spread the LOVE to Our Prophet Muhammad SAW .

First of all , this entry is all about a CAMPAIGN !

A campaign where i against off to such stupid-dom-dom DUTCH PEOPLE .
I am not trying to be harsh or even rude here .
But they are over rude than me ever !

How come they could film a movie called FITNA ? They has released it .
This movie is all about our Prophet Muhammad SAW .
Where make it fun to our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW .

They film maker refused to apologize to all  over the world .
Please , if you think that you are Muslim & Islam is your way ...
Please join hand to boycott any dutch ( Holland / Netherlands ) product !
More than 1.6 billion Muslims also could SLAP & can surely SLAP dutch economy .

Please , forward this and spread the love to our Prophet Muhammad SAW .
It is your holy duty also as a Muslims !
Just remember guys , one fine day Allah will ask you :

" What did you do when they made fun of my Messenger Muhammad SAW ? "

Spread the love ! Forward the message ! We have to protect our Prophet !

Semoga Allah SWT membalas di atas setiap kejahatan yang dilakukan . Doaku semoga Allah SWT memberi hidayah dan petunjuk buat mereka ini . Zaman sekarang Allah SWT bayar cash ! Just wait and see .

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