November 17, 2010

I Do Love Salmon & MeatBalls .

The other things why i loved , why i really loved the IKEA itself , it was the food . Have you guys been to IKEA food court ? Whatttt ? Never ? Oh noooo , you should give a try here . Sangat super sedap okeiiiii ! Yes . Siapa setuju ??? Sila angkat tangan . Yes , please raised up your hand . If lagi super setuju , angkat kaki pun takpe . Muahahaha . ;p

So , yesterday , when suddenly i said that im dying to have meatballs in my tummy , hubby decided that we should have dinner at IKEA . Hohohohohoho . Isn't it shows that he loved his wifey-banyak-songeh much instead of he never ever disappointed me on what ever i want ? Heh heh heh . ;)

We went out to IKEA after Isyak prayer . I was so surprised when we passed by at Thalia Street that similarly known as a very hectic-super-busy-damn-congested shopping area , we could see that the road was totally in smooth traffic like everyone is out of the town . Huhuhuhu .

Finally , here we are guys !

My feveret . Salmon with mashed potato . I super loved Salmon !

Meatballs & Fries .

Wasn't it is gooooooooood ??? I just love the food here even the place was crowded and noisy with kids but who cares ??? As long as i could enjoy with the super yummy salmon & meatballs with cheap price , it should be ok for me ! And it is not only that , my hubby could refill his cappuccino as how much he want to refill it few times . 

Oh , i really love IKEA . I love shopping here and the food . Heaven ! Don't you feel so ? ;)

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