November 19, 2010

An Adorable-Cuteypie Boy Without Belly Button !

Have you see this adorable-cuteypie boy ? Have you ? Have you ? Whattttttttttttt ? Never ? Oh nooooooo . How you could such missed to see this adorable-cuteypie boy ? ( Oh , i am so sorry hubby ! I am flirting you right now ! Hehehehe . )

This is Trager's Family . They are such happy family !

Have you ever watched series called Kyle XY ? A television series with a science fiction premise and mystery drama style ! If you are familiar with X-Files or even RossWell television series where it is all about alien thingy , you should know this series also . The series still related about alien but the different is about this series were they present the alien itself with a teenage boy who ... ohhhhhh ... i just love his eyes ! Don't you believe me ? See this and you tell me then ... ;p

Matt Dallas . Staring as Kyle XY . He did well as Kyle !

One of the reason why i am so addicted to this series is because of ... heh heh heh ... the main actor itself . Matt Dallas . Aiyorhhhhh ... he really made me wanna keep watching the series each day by day . He just cute like sweetie pie with his body ... fuhhhhhh ... i could say that his body like my my hubby body . Isn't i am so lucky because i could hug a body like that ? So sedappppppppppp and comfy okehhhhh ! ;p

Otherwise is because of i love the bonding of the Trager's family . They are always stay together no matter what and they are such really happy family ! Even at first when Nicole bring back home Kyle , their daughter and son , Lori & Josh did not like Kyle much but Kyle know how to make people comfie with him everyday . Kyle really worked hard to make people around him safe everyday even himself still learning each day to know each of Trager's family and in the same time , he try to find out about his real family after he realize one day , he woke up naked in the middle of forest outside of Seattle without any knowledge and abilities .

Just as strange , he lack of belly-button on his tummy ! I love everytime when he showed the people around him that he really don't have belly-button at all . ( Naaaa ... i said before : I love his body ! Super hotttttttttt ! Am i over-gedik now ? Muahahaha . ;p )

Did you see a girl with red sleeveless there ?

I love her also . I tell you what . My hubby are in love watching this series also because of Amanda . A character by Kirsten Prout . She is sooooo cute right ? My hubby love to see her as i love to see Kyle . Fair square isn't it ? Lalalalalala . ;p

This past two days , we are spending our holiday just to stay at home by watching this series until Season 3  ! We watched straightly day by day until the end of episode in Season 3 . The saddest part is the ABC Family had stopped the series and announced that the Kyle XY will not returned to 4 Season . So frustrated after i could see that Amanda & Jessie now could work together as a best-friend after they fight to get Kyle ! 

I hope that they would have Season 4 soon . Im dying to see all of them in this series ! 
Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ~ ;)

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