November 13, 2010

Bila MokMok Mahu Mengawan !

Random pics of MokMok . You know what ? After almost a month we taking care of MokMok , we just found out that the fact is MokMok was a female cat and not a male that like what i mentioned to you guys before ! Urhhhhhhh . How i couldn't want to check 'hers' at the first place when i bought her few weeks back ? Duhhhhhh ... =_____=

This pictures were taken last night when actually we are off to bed . Normally , everyday and every night , MokMok will wait for us so that we , three of us will off to bed together even we are sleeping separately where we are sleeping on the comfy-fluffy-heaven bed while she will sleep under our bed ! Huhuhuhu . =_____=

Now , from last 2 days , she keep 'roaring' for 'something' . Do you get what i mean here ? Yes , she is really wanna do it hardly as every time she woke up from sleep , she will keep 'roaring' or sometimes we have to spoilt her by touch her gently around her neck ! Duhhhhhh ...

Does anyone have any male cat to 'mix & match' with my MokMok ? Heh heh heh . :P . Maybe , to solve this problem we have to send her again to vet again and of course not for any vaccine nether for fleas . We send her off to spay her . Have too ! We don't have the other choice . :)

Until till loveys !

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