October 30, 2010

Sami Yusof or Maher Zain ?

Last night , after lepak-ing at Starbuck Corniche , we passed by a shop that sell dvds , cassettes and cds . At first , it was just to survey if we could find any cd game but they don't have it at all . Suddenly , i remembered why don't we checked if there is any cd of Maher Zain new album - Thank You Allah . But still , they don't have or in other way , they do not have the stock at the moment . At the end , we decided to buy this :

Sami Yusof - Without you .

Sami Yusof is a British-Muslim singer song-writer . I know some of you never heard his name and of course his songs also . I knew about him past two years . He seem like Maher Zain but his songs more sentimentally than Maher Zain . Now , as what we know , in Malaysia , everyone keep playing-discussing-listening-talking about Maher Zain due to Maher Zain had came to Malaysia i think for the past two weeks . Am i right ??? Tee hee . :))

Maybe , you guys should give your time by listening to Sami Yusof songs also . His voice ... hmmmm ... i beat you , he could melt your heart . I can't imagine his voice while reading Quran . SubhanALLAH . For sure could make you fly-away to the heaven . :P

The most surprise here , i thought that this cd , the cost exactly same like Malaysia . Around 30 ringgit but guess how much i bought it ??? Only 15 riyal okehhhhhh that equivalent to 12 ringgit . Isn't that a cheap price for original cd album ??? Oh myyyyyyyyyyy ... almost half price than Malaysia ! No wonder here you ... eyh me lah ... couldn't find any pirate cd songs . Heh heh heh .

After listening to all Sami Yusof songs , i could say that : Maher Zain more better tham him !

You go Maher Zain ! Will buy your album nextweek . :)


  1. aku setuju dgn ko. lagu2 sami yusuf mmng sahdu. kenal dia pn dari member. 1st lagu yang aku dengar is 'try not to cry'. cube la dengar. memng sangt memujuk hati. tapi aku download youtube je. :)

  2. Ein - Yeke ? Nanti nak cari kat YouTube lah . Heh heh heh . tapi baguslah skrg ni sbb dah ada penyanyi yg nyanyi lagu cmni . islamic moden . baru ramai remaja muslim suke . :))

  3. waaahh...

    tak pernah dengar pulak lagu dia..



  4. Mas - Carilah Mas! lagu Sami Yusof memang menenangkan jiwa, menusuk dalam hati terus. Kalau dengar lagu dia sorang-sorang, lagilahhh. T___T


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