October 30, 2010

The Best MilkShake in Town !

Oh , yes it's true . I had found it here ...

Joe's Diner .

It was recommended by his colleague . Actually they had mentioned that the restaurant was cozy . Hell yes ! The restaurant like they said with the simple and nice interior itself : checked floor and everything inside like you were in 50's or 60's . Oh , sorry i don't have any picture of the restaurant due to in Jeddah you can't simply take picture or else , you could get caught and have a good night in jailed . Hukhukhuk .

Ok . Lets see the main actor and actress in the making ... :P

This is the main actor : Tukang bayar .

Hmm ... he is thinking : " Why lah she is asking me to come again here ? Im bored ! "

Let see who is 'she' that he talked about ...

Who is she ? Can't see her face so well ...

Aaaaaaaa . Here we go . The super-chubby-wifey-gorgeous ! Lol . :P

The best chocolate milkshake in town !

Slurppppp . Slurppppp . Slurppppp . I am serious . I am not lying to you guys . This is super-duper-delicious and what so ever chocolate milkshake in town . Ever ! At Secret Recipe also you won't find and you couldn't feel the same taste like this . I tell you . Maybe it was because of they make it with Baskin Robbin Ice Cream with Hershey Chocolate Syrup and whipped cream . Isn't that sound heaven ? As we know , both are the best brand over the planet called earth ! So , do come here and i will treat you this .... errrr ... NO ! NO ! Do come over here and i will ask hubby to treat you this . Tee hee . :P

Other thank drinks , we ordered :

The Rooster .

Due to i would be lovely to change menu if i come here more than one time , so this time i changed and ordered The Rooster and it was great and over my expectations ! It was super again . Super 'sedap' . They grilled the chicken and add black pepper some more with olive oil i think . No calories here . Hehehehe .

Then ...

It is called Mish Mash .

Could you see the coleslaw ? Here also the first time we could find the coleslaw where it is exactly same like in KFC Malaysia . I mean the taste . Can't you see how hard we are working and traveling to find the same coleslaw like Malaysia ? Hukhukhuk . Finally we find it . Glad . Blissful . Erk ?!

This Mish Mash are recommended to anyone whom first time coming over here . The burger was totally superb with the 'compacted' beef in the middle that come along with hotdog that slices into pieces and cheese also could be included depends on you . Not to forget , the wedges * yang pasti bukan kasut baji itu ye adik-adik , kakak-kakak , abang-abang * . Lol . :P

Ok . The end . Enjoy the food ! * ape aku merepek ni ? *

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