July 28, 2010

vroom ! vroom

vroom ! vroom ! vroom !

finally ...
lakiku merangkap abang kepada adik-adiknya yang comel itu dapat membelikan adik-adik perempuan nye untuk berscooter ke kelas !
yippie yeayyyy !

dulu kami memang berangan pon nak belikan adik-adik moto baru .
but ...
segalanya jadi terbantut when the bad accident epen to us on last june 2009 .
so we just hold on .
until few weeks back i asked him back about the thing .
and he agreed and he just gave a call to them !
and coincidently when he on called with them , his lil sister , the youngest one said :

" aaaa mane ade duit nak beli moto baru "

and his other lil sister said also :

" aaaaa moto asik rosak je sekarang ! "

huhuhuhuhu . so pity right ?
mau tak kesian beb , they all used the old skool bike which belong to his brother la .
which is moto tu memang gile lame da .
sejak lakiku study kat uitm lagi . gile tak lame !
munyik moto pon da macam orang kene semput !
* alamak terlebey kutuk suda , mau kene ketuk sbb moto tu moto kesygn lakiku ! *
muahahaahahaahahaha .

now , they just got the new scooter yesterday .
ego yamaha in black and purple .
waaaa makin exsaited la mahu pulang ke kampung halaman .
leh pusing2 kat sawah padi with my azman .
vroom ! vroom ! vroom !

notakaki : i could say that i really missed my old scooter damn much , where i heart the air brush design of spiderman but i couldn't do anything because it was just memories with someone . past is past . let bygone be by gone . just sumtimes , i wanna ask him is that the scooter he still use it or ? hmmmm .

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