July 18, 2010

things make us hepi !

a week before both us decide to buy him , azman really adore it much . i know he did because i could see it thru his face but as usual , when the thing that he afford to have it , he will think so much nor will think twice before he could purchase it . that is him . kind of like his habit . i dun know why . sometime , i think it worst for him personally and u know why i said like that ? because , every time i want sumthing , doesn't matter it is too pricy even tho , he will buy it for me ! but if sumthing he want too pricy , he will think twice or he will not buy it at all ! aaaaaa , you should change it biebie . :P

so , when we got home and the next day he keep asking me about that 'special one' , i just tell him to get it one or he will regret then . because i know that the thing is the 'special one' from Adidas and i think it will too pricy and pricy in Malaysia and it is just a dream if you could buy it with the same price like in Jeddah at Malaysia !

So, here we goooooooo ...

let me introduce it :

Porsche Design from Adidas !

this is really a limited edition one . Azman told me that he had seen it before once he in Dubai but the price in Dubai also cost much . Almost thousand but here ? heh heh heh . :)

aaaa confirmed la lepas ni die akan jalan lebey laju lagi ! kate da sarung Porsche kat kaki kan ? kui kui kui . almaklum la , even sekarang pon aku rase da termengah2 nak kejar die jalan . ke aku yg lembab ? waaaaaaaaa ~

then , suddenly after da satisfied his fullfill , tergerak hati pulak nak membeli sesuatu yang baru for my make up . bought new lipstick and lip conditioner for myself instead of my lipstick pon da abes and the sadness part is , lipstick lame tu even da terpatah pon i still used it . kesian tak ? ye la . dah la mahal . baru beli pulak mase tu . tup2 patah . disebabkan sayang , aku pakai jugak sampai la da abes tuh . but now , not worry nemore coz i bought the new one !

that time sempat lagi said to him : " alaaa this is like gincu raya la . lol . "

and oso the day after , we dropped by at Jarir BookStore and i bought new books for my reading as i had done read PS : ILOVEYOU tu .

now buku da banyak . letak dalam boxes je tapi disebabkan i added it more , da tak muat . so , tak saba nak pegi IKEA . ade orang da janji nak wat kan shelves so that i could place all books on it . yeayyyyyyy !

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