June 8, 2010


finally ....

yesterday we went out to JARIR BOOKSTORE at Sari Street after few month back we had planned to buy this thing . it's GARMIN NUVI 715 model . :)

it easy . im not saying that GPS in my phone not working anymore but unfortunately , few weeks before i came to Jeddah , i had tried to change the country map to Saudi Arabia but the booth that where he installed the GPS software not there anymore & when i asked some people there , they just said that i've to update at Garmin . So , thats it ! If update at Garmin , maybe they will charge and maybe it costly more .

so , we bought this gadget . easy peasy to use . just use your finger to touch the screen and choose what u need in there . anywhere . just name it & insyaALLAH it will bring you to the place that you are looking for with no hectic traffic nor lost at somewhere ! . yippieeeeee . :)

plus , the main reason is , we bought it to use while we are away in Jeddah by this weekend . so , takdelah tercangak2 nak jalan to some place that we really to visit there & we dont have so much time in Jeddah . Just one night only . so we should use our time wisely as it is limited . but maybe we not visit to all places . we just choose the main & famous la kot like tamar farm , bukit uhud etc . :) . the rest we want to spend our time at Masjid Nabawi . kind of excited jugak la . sebab this will be the fisrt time , we are traveling together with our baby . * teka2 siapakah baby kami di sini *

it such been a long time we did not traveling tugether as before after the bad accident on last June 2009 . :( .

but now , we could do it again ! hope we will enjoy the weekend heppily together . just hope everything going well .

till then . hepi tuesday all !

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